Yoga Class Information

All of our yoga classes meet at Westwood United Methodist Church, 3460 Epworth Ave.. We meet in a large room called “God’s Backyard” which is on the second floor of the building. When you arrive for class please enter the building at the door with a green awning and a welcome flag. Please contact Joan Jackson at 513.661.2500 if you are interested in participating.

Our classes are free, though donations are accepted.




3:30p Chair yoga (No Class in March)

Yoga means Union.  Yoga practice helps us unite and balance body, mind and spirit.  It has been around for over 5000 years and started in India.  Yoga is a way of living and a spiritual practice but it can enhance whatever faith one has.  I am a Christian and therefore my yoga practice draws me closer to Christ.  Too many people think that yoga is an Indian religion but it is not.  Indians can use it to enhance their Hinduism, Jews to enhance their Judaism, Muslims to enhance their Islam and Christians to enhance their Christianity.

The yoga classes that I teach at Westwood United Methodist Church help my students and me to stretch, strengthen, balance, gain flexibility, breathe more fully, find the power of breath and draw closer to Jesus.

We learn the importance of living in the moment where there is no worry.  We learn to honor our bodies, the temple that God has given to us to use and take care of during our earthly live.  My students have chosen to come to an hour class to be nurtured and rejuvenated.  Classes consist of prayer, breath work, mat work, relaxation and meditation.  We also learn healthy life choices.  Yoga and Ayurveda (the science of life) help us to be healthier Christians.  When we feel good, we enjoy serving Jesus.  Hopefully, my students take from class things that can make everyday happier and healthier.  The world is one big community and we all are a part of it.  Knowing that Jesus lives in our hearts makes the world of difference!