Worship and Arts

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Special Events

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Get involved

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Westwood Arts Academy

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Each week, we offer multiple opportunities for worship in a variety of styles.  Join us as we experience God’s presence together.


Early Church: Sundays, 8:30 AM, Chapel.

An intimate, traditional worship gathering featuring communion each week.


Traditional Worship: Sundays, 9:30 AM, Sanctuary.

Celebrating the rich heritage of Methodism in our Westwood community, this time of worship features our choirs as well as our outstanding Schantz organ.


The Journey: Sundays, 11:00 AM, Sanctuary.

Our contemporary worship experience, music-driven and inspirational.


New Covenant Worship: Sundays, 10:00 AM, Chapel.

A Spirit-led African United Methodist worship celebration.


Worship at My Neighbor’s Place: Tuesdays at 9:40 and Thursdays at 10:10.

Worship and ministry together in one welcoming, informal setting.


The Midweek Worship: Wednesdays, 6:30 PM, Sanctuary.

A youth-driven experience of song and prayer.

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Coming up:

July 28-Aug. 1 and Sunday morning, Aug. 4: Kids’ Music Camp 2014 (register by email to: mike@westwoodunitedmethodist.org)

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God gives us many gifts—here are some ways to use them for His glory.  Contact us anytime to participate in one of our service teams  by email to mike@westwoodunitedmethodist.org.

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Music (7th grade and older)

Chancel Choir

Gospel Choir

Handbell Choir

Godspeed (our praise band)

Youth Singers


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Music (6th grade and younger)

Rainbow Ringers

Children’s Choir

Cherub Choir (preschool and kindergarten)

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Tech Team

Video and Drama Team

Communion Stewards

Worship Supply Team

Organization Team

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Through the Westwood Arts Academy, Westwood UMC’s Worship and Arts ministry reaches out and serves our community in the name of Christ.  Check out the various opportunities for serving and giving that we offer, and contact us anytime to get involved (email to mike@westwoodunitedmethodist.org).

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Whether you specialize in music, visual art, dance, or any other artistic field, let Westwood United Methodist Church be your venue for lessons and presentations!

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Calling students of all ages for lessons in music, visual art, dance, and more!

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There are plenty of opportunities to serve as a helper, both in classes we offer at Westwood UMC and in the arts program at Westwood Elementary.

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Donations of funds, musical instruments, and other arts equipment are always welcome!


2 thoughts on “Worship and Arts

  1. Tracy Hemsink

    My family is interested in working with the children’s program in some way. I used to teach early service Sunday school for kindergarten and would be interested in doing that again. My daughters and I am available evenings and Sundays to help in any way. Available to coach sports, tudor, chair events for the kids for special events. We also have been involved in music (band) and dance. We know some programs are winding down, but willing to help this summer where needed.
    Looking forward to seeing if we can be of help.



    1. Sarah Beach

      Hi Tracy,
      I am currently the Director of Children’s Ministries at Westwood UMC and would love to meet you to discuss children’s ministry. Would you be available next Monday or Wednesday morning to meet at the church?


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