Student Ministries

Why Student Ministry?

Nine reasons we involve ourselves in student ministry.

  1. We all grow up and having older people walk along with us can help sort through life’s changes.
  2. As we grow up, learn, become adults, we can walk along with our peers to help them.
  3. It is alright not to know everything. We celebrate learning and growing together.
  4. We are all trying to be better people and need support to do so.
  5. Learning how and where God will show up in our lives.
  6. Helping to sort out our ideas about values and goals for life.
  7. As Christians, how to follow Jesus and practice the “means of grace.”
  8. Student ministry is our (students and young adults) in ministry with and to other students and young adults.
  9. The Student Ministry Team Leader is the one who helps students and adults do this ministry.