Become a Member of Westwood United Methodist Church

Over the years in the Church (capital “C” because we’re talking about any Christian church) membership has had its ups and downs. There was a time when people wanted to join the church, any church because it was a social thing to do. It helped to be seen on a Sunday morning to “network” with others. Yet others joined a Church because of a need to fellowship with others who were seeking a closer walk with God through Jesus Christ’s salvation work on the cross around the year 33CE.

For those who were Methodists in the time of our founder Rev. John Wesley they joined the movement to flee the wrath of God. In other words they knew in their heart of hearts that they needed forgiveness from God because it wasn’t all that confusing to just take a quick look and realize there were some things needing forgiveness. (Romans 3 or Galatians 5:16-26 for some reference on what those acts needing forgiveness might be, both books are in the New Testament). People would then join a small group of people like themselves to learn to lean on God and what it meant to live life like a follower of Jesus Christ.

Today at Westwood United Methodist Church anyone can attend our worship services. We encourage this and want you to come and bring your friends or family. To become a member means you want to be a follower of Jesus Christ with those who call Westwood United Methodist Church their church home. That is the next step after attending for a while the worship services, sporting events, Bible studies, etc., you might find before you decide to join. We want you to be willing to be a part of the work we do, seek to grow in your faith by practicing the means of grace God has shown (prayer, Bible study, worship, tithing, service) and be baptized. Periodically, (see the calendar) we schedule a new member class to go over some things about the Westwood United Methodist Church and the UMC as a whole as well as more on what it means to follow Jesus Christ as a Christian who is United Methodist. Just because you attend a class on membership doesn’t mean you have to join, it does mean that you are growing and seeking.

If you have any questions about membership at Westwood United Methodist Church, email Pastor Lee,