Sin and Hell are married, unless repentance proclaims divorce” -Charles Spurgeon

Youth Student Ministry Director: Bill Holland

Westwood Student Ministries is a place where all Youth can personally Encounter Jesus Christ through his word & through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our Youth today are being inundated with the world’s ideas of what they should be doing, & what the “purpose” of life is, but only in Christ Jesus will we experience that the Abundant Life which Christ died for us to have, is found when we Live Humbly in Obedient Reverence and Intimate Fellowship with him & to the Ultimate Glory of our Heavenly Father. In order to do this, we must Know him, and be in full assurance of our Salvation in him alone. The Lord did not call us to compromise his words, but to live them out Fully in Truth, Righteousness and in Love.


Youth Fellowship-Fall Schedule

Sunday (5-7:30 pm) & Wednesday (5-7:00 pm)

Four days of the week, Sunday-Wednesday, we will be meeting to have Bible studies, grow in our Union with Christ Jesus, and have fun and games for everyone to get involved in. We will have Dinner together on Sunday evenings, and Lunch will be served during the weekdays at 2:30pm. Come and Grow in the Lord, meet new people, fellowship together and have have fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

Youth Sunday School

9:30-10:30am Sunday in the Youth Lounge

Youth Sunday School is for all students 7th grade through seniors as well as College age. Youth Sunday School is a place where we grow in our knowledge of who God says we are, and learn how we can be transformed and become Alive to Christ Jesus and the calling he has placed before each of us who are being called into reconciliation to him. This is a time where we can allow the Gospel to speak to us and allow the Holy Spirit to convict and bring us the Truth for our lives, found only in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.