Twinkling/Friday Stars Class: Miss Nora & Miss Jessi

Miss Nora has been a part of the Westwood United Methodist Church (WUMC) Preschool community for the past 6 years.  During her first couple of years at the preschool, Miss Nora was the Assistant Teacher in the Star class before stepping into the Lead Teacher role.  Miss Nora has her Associates in Early Childhood Education and participates in ongoing Ohio Approved Professional Development.  Her laid-back and calming demeanor is a perfect fit for this age group. 

This is Miss Jessi’s 3rd year at WUMC Preschool, but she volunteered for several years as a Parent Coordinator while 2 of her children attended our preschool.  Miss Jessi has her Associates in Occupational Therapy from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  Like Miss Nora, her personality is a perfect fit for our youngest preschoolers!

The Star Class can be a challenge to these first-time students due to  the change in their routine, but Miss Nora and Miss Jessi help soothe our newest little ones to relax and enjoy their time at preschool!

Butterfly Class: Miss Anita

Miss Anita has been the Lead Teacher in the Butterfly room for the past 7 years, and previously worked as an Assistant Teacher in the Butterfly and Frog classes.  She draws on her extensive knowledge in early childhood education through her experiences, classroom coaching and Ohio Approved trainings.  Miss Anita’s children were students at WUMC Preschool and now her grandsons attend the preschool too! 

Miss Anita provides an encouraging environment, which makes the Butterfly class a rewarding experience for our students and their families.

Bumblebee Class: Miss Tracey & Miss Amy

Miss Tracey has been a part of WUMC Preschool for the past 19 years.  Prior to being the Lead Teacher in the Bumblebee classroom, Miss Tracey worked in the Star classroom.  During her time at WUMC Preschool, Miss Tracey has completed her Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification and participates in Ohio Approved Professional Development courses.  The CDA Certification is a widely recognized credential in early childhood education and allows teachers the opportunity to discover the type of teacher they want to be in the classroom

This is Miss Amy’s 8th year at WUMC Preschool as the Bumblebee Assistant Teacher.  Along with Miss Tracey, Miss Amy has participated in the Resilient Children and Family Coaching program and ongoing Ohio Approved Professional Development. 

Over the year, Miss Tracey and Miss Amy have created a nurturing classroom environment which enables their students to grow and thrive as they prepare for kindergarten.  They make a wonderful team!

Frog Class: Miss Stacey & Miss Laura

This is Miss Stacey’s 12th year at WUMC Preschool.  Prior to being the Lead Teacher (this is Miss Stacey’s 3rd year) in the Frog classroom, Miss Stacey was the Assistant Teacher in the Bumblebee and Frog rooms.  She has earned her CDA Certification.  Miss Stacey is also the Lead Teacher for the Friday Enrichment class.

Miss Laura has been the Frog Assistant Teacher at WUMC Preschool for the past 3 years.  In early 2019, Miss Laura completed her CDA Certification and has participated in our Resilient Children and Family Mentoring Program with Miss Stacey.  This program provides designated classrooms with additional coaching in social-emotional classroom situations.

Miss Stacey and Miss Laura are a great team!  They work hard to help their “Frogs” develop their skills and confidence so the students are ready to start kindergarten.

Westwood UMC Preschool Director: Miss Allison

Prior to stepping into the role as the WUMC Preschool Director, Allison Phillips was an Assistant Teacher and then Lead Teacher in the Butterfly Room (3-4 years old).  Miss Allison loves working with children and watching them thrive in a classroom environment.  She and her husband are residents of Delhi and have 3 children who, like Miss Allison, are all WUMC Preschool alumni.

Miss Allison has worked in the early childcare field for the last 8 years. She has her Bachelor’s degree from University of Cincinnati in Communication.  Outside of Miss Allison’s role at WUMC Preschool, Miss Allison is a member of the West Hills Music Club and is the Den Leader for her youngest son’s Cub Scout den.