Twinkling/Friday Star Lead Teacher: Miss Nora

This is Miss Nora’s 4th year at Westwood UMC Preschool. Miss Nora has worked at Westwood United Methodist Church for 11 years as a childcare provider. She currently serves as the Lead Teacher for the Twinkling Star class and the Friday Star class. Miss Nora has her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Brown Mackie College.

Butterfly III Lead Teacher: Miss Anita  

This is Miss Anita’s 19th year at Westwood UMC Preschool.  Prior to serving as the Butterfly III Lead Teacher, Miss Anita worked as an Assistant Teacher in the Frog Room.  She has taken close to 100 hours of early childhood development classes.  Her three children attended the preschool.

Butterfly II Lead Teacher: Miss Pam

This is Miss Pam’s 3rd year at Westwood UMC Preschool.  Miss Pam has her Bachelor’s degree from Miami University, and her Master’s in Elementary Teaching (MAT) from East Tennessee State University.  Her son also attended the preschool.

Bumblebee Teacher: Miss Tracey

This is Miss Tracey’s 17th year at Westwood UMC Preschool.  She received her Child Development Associate Certificate (CDA) and is working towards her Associate Degree. Her daughter attended the preschool.

Bumblebee Assistant Teacher: Miss Amy

This is Miss Amy’s 6th year at the preschool.  Formerly, she was the gymanstics coordinator at the Clippard YMCA.  She has already completed 23 hours in Child development course classes.

Frog Lead Teacher: Miss Stacey

This is Miss Stacey’s 10th year at Westwood UMC Preschool.  Prior to serving as the Frog Lead Teacher, Miss Stacey worked as the Assistant Teacher in the Bumblebee Room and the Frog Room. Miss Stacey received her Child Development Associate Certificate (CDA).