What is MOPS?
MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. MOPS is a worldwide non-denominational ministry that encourages mothers of young children, who are adjusting to the joys and challenges of motherhood. MOPS is about celebrating motherhood, meeting needs, making connections, and experiencing God’s love. MOPS International exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother, and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. While many organizations focus on making a better world for our children, MOPS focuses on making better children for our world. How? By meeting the needs of their mothers, because when we impact a mom, we impact a child, and ultimately, impact the world. Better Moms Make a Better World.

Who can be in MOPS?
MOPS is open to ANY mother of children, newborn through kindergarten.

What is MOMSnext?
MOMSnext is a group experience designed to encourage, equip and develop mothers of school-age children. This is a new ministry arm of MOPS International extending the current mission statement to reach more mothers and their families for Christ.

Who can be in MOMSnext?
MOMSnext is open to every mother of school-age children (1st through 12th grades).

Basically, every mother has a place and is welcome in MOPS and MOMSnext.

When and where does MOPS/MOMSnext meet?
Because of conflicts with the Harvest Home Fair, our year will run from October – June versus the standard September – May. We will meet on the first Thursday of the month from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. All meetings are held in Epworth Hall.

What do you do at MOPS/MOMSnext meetings?
Monthly meetings include delicious snacks, inspiring & educational guest speakers, time with other moms, and sometimes creative & fun crafts.

What do I do with my children during the monthly meetings?
We provide free childcare for your children in our MOPS kids program.

What does it cost to join MOPS or MOMSnext and attend meetings?
The total cost to join MOPS or MOMSnext $31.95. This is the annual membership fee paid to MOPS International. If you would like information about membership or to ask about scholarships, please contact our Financial Coordinator.

How do I register for MOPS or MOMSnext?
Attend any of our other monthly meetings and complete the form provided.

How can I learn more about MOPS International?
For more information about MOPS International, visit their website at http://www.mops.org.

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