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Ministry Spotlight – Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

SPRC are volunteer members that work according to the guidelines established by the Church Council and Finance Committee for the disbursement and the safeguarding of funds toward the Church Staff.  They work with the District Superintendent and/or Bishop in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to clergy appointment and leadership.  They work with pastors and staff about personnel conditions which affect the congregation’s total ministry.  They council with the pastors and staff about job descriptions, priorities and expectations.

SPRC will actively seek after needed employees and interview, as well as recommend to the Charge/Church Conference qualified candidates for positions.  With the Senior Pastor, they recommend to the Church Council a written statement of policy and procedures for hiring, evaluating, promoting, retiring and dismissing staff members who are not subject to episcopal appointment (the pastors).  They support and encourage continuing education for the pastors and staff.

These individuals do this and much more to govern the staffing needs and the work conditions in the church.  For more information please contact SPRC Chairman Kip  Schaumloffel via the church office at 513.661.3139.