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Ministry Spotlight – Sound Team

Currently the sound team consists of three people for two services. We have two technicians for the 9:30am service that normally alternate each week and one technician for the 11am service. These technicians, when they are scheduled, are doing double duty. They are covering sound and video. The norm is for there to be one person for sound and another person for video. This kind of arrangement is optimal because it allows each person to focus on one thing.

We are looking to add no less than four people to the audio/video team so that we will be able to have a weekly rotation. We want to spread the load so that current technicians do not get burned out and open the door for people who feel driven to be involved in the capacity of an audio/video technician. One goal is that each technician will only have to serve once a month.

Technicians will receive training and will shadow another technician for 2 to 4 weeks before they start running the audio/video ministry on their own. If you are interested or have questions please contact the church office at 513.661.3139.