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The Parables of Jesus Begins October 3

Ever wonder how to connect the parables of Jesus with your busy, everyday life?  Open Hearts Grow Group is going to explore just that with a six-week study entitled Deeper Connections:  The Parables of Jesus. 

Starting Thursday, October 3 at 7 pm, we will be using the study’s videos of expert teachers as they share maps and pictures, outlines and key Scripture verses to help us discover the deeper meanings of the parables so that we can apply them to our lives.  Interested?  Contact Gail Stewart at

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Ladies Bible Study Begins September 12th

Ladies Bible Study begins Thursday, September 12th at 10 a.m. “Learning to study the Bible” as the caption says….”Anyone can understand the Bible with the right tools…Each session invites exploration, application, and practice; provides reflection questions; and includes a space to journal–all of which will strengthen your personal relationship with God.” Come and grow deeper in your understanding of Scripture as well as going deeper in your relationship with God.


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Ministry Spotlight – What is a Small Group?

What is a Small Group (Class Meeting to Share Group) “Life Side by Side?”

Being in a small group is a commitment to a transformed life. Wesley called this life long process sanctification or going to perfection. The Book of Disciplined (the book where you find Methodist theology, doctrine, history and rules) describes our understanding of the process this way:
Sanctification and Perfection-We hold that the owner of God’s acceptance and pardon does not end God’s saving work, which continues to nurture our growth in grace. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to increase in the knowledge and love of God and in love for our neighbor.

We at Westwood UMC believe that the best small groups for forming disciples are transformation driven. The small group, share group and lifelong Sunday school groups meet the need that every person has for meaningful connection and an appropriate place to be deeply known.

There are many opportunities, groups, days and times to join one of these transformational groups. Contact Gail Steward or Pastor Beth Anne if you are looking to make a growth change in your relationship with God. We do life side by side here at Westwood UMC…come and walk with us and with the Triune God!

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Ministry Spotlight – The Merrimates

The Merrimates Sunday School Class meets in the Church Parlor at 11:00 a.m. for refreshments and fellowship, followed by devotions and a Sunday School Lesson. The class ends at 12:00 p.m. Merrimates meet socially, usually on the first Saturday of each month, for various programs. Flyers announcing the program are available about three weeks before an event.

We are always interested in having new visitors or members (couples and singles) at any of our functions. For more information please contact the church office at 513.661.3139.