Hunger Walk and Pancake Breakfast

Spend your Memorial Day with us and walk, run, skip, or stroll around the Ohio River!Now is the time to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement for a tremendous cause! Join us on Monday, May 27th for the 16th Annual Hunger Walk and 5K Run! This year’s race starts bright and early at 9AM. Sign up at http://cincinnatihungerwalk.org/2019/ to join the “My Neighbor’s Place Food Pantry Team” and select “My Neighbor’s Place Food Pantry”
Troop 107 is sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday May 26 from 10:00 a.m. – noon in the Westwood UMC gym. All the donations will benefit the My Neighbor’s Place Food Pantry Hunger Walk Team!

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Student Ministry Team Leader Ministry Opportunity

Student Ministry Team Leader, salaried

Westwood United Methodist Church

3460 Epworth Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


Church Size: 450, urban-suburban, west side

Full-Time, benefits (vacation, pension, continuing education, medical), some moving expense provided if needed

Salary range: $43,000-49,000 based upon experience

Education: college graduate, preferred in a related field of ministry


The primary purpose of this position is to provide, along with a team of adults and youth, programming and relational ministry to youth and young adults. The aim is to reach current and future students of diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds through the creation and implementation of a system of clubs, recreation, small groups, fun, faith, mentoring, and work in the vision of Westwood United Methodist Church.

SUPERVISION: The Student Ministry Team Leader will report to the Senior Pastor.


  1. Gospel focused in a Wesleyan theological understanding
  2. Transformation, not stagnation of individuals and ministry
  3. Team approach to ministry through scouting, training, vision casting and release
  4. Able to work with support staff
  5. Familiar with use of social media and growing use of other media
  6. Pursuit of excellence
  7. Responsibility for church growth and support of the church vision
  8. Continued enhancement of skills and knowledge


Team building: Build teams, view them as essential, and work with adults and youth weekly in order to champion their leadership skills and vision for working with youth from 7th grade to post high school. Will grow and welcome new students and families through this ministry to the life of the church.

Leadership: Create a system which will develop team leaders who will then recruit others to assist them to grow the ministry with, for and to students and their families.

Communication: Provide systematic communication with families, students, staff (paid and unpaid). Develop relationships with the Church, schools, and the community which convey the vision and substance of our student ministry.

Teaching: Create age-appropriate settings to worship, teach and experience the Gospel’s breath, measured by students who are able to communicate with others and live as disciples of Jesus Christ within the church and their culture. Help students understand how to have a relationship with Christ in the present and in the future.

To create a safe, friendly, welcoming environment for all.

Exhibit excellent conflict management skills and discipline.

Work with the paid and unpaid staff of Westwood United Methodist in a professional and supportive manner indicative of the role of a senior staff member.

Additional assignments as designated by the Senior Pastor.


▪  Character:

Take criticism and offer ideas with grace
Be flexible, and willing to help out as needed

Actively engaged in becoming more like Christ

▪  Work Ethic: Show an urgency to reach multiple groups of youth and young adults through the flexibility of the Gospel using strategic plans, teams, and scheduling, as reported to the Senior Pastor.

▪  Education: Continue growing in personal and work goals as agreed upon by Senior Pastor.

▪  Life: Demonstrate a deep relationship with Jesus, a balanced life and work ethic.


▪ Sincere call to reach current and future students of all ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds with creative methods and faith.

▪ Ability to lead and build teams of paid and unpaid adults and youth for this objective.
▪ Ability to create, implement, and oversee programs, activities, and events to help

teens and young adults grow in faith, learn more about worship, and become more

involved in the church and the community as Christian disciples.
▪ Excellent communication skills and technology savvy: i.e. computer skills, use of church data system, web and other communication methods as well as verbal.

▪ State a commitment to the doctrine and vision of the United Methodist Church


Provide personal introduction and discuss your call to student ministry.

Provide resume with experience, education

Provide contact information for 3 work references (must accompany application)

Provide past two years of continuing education: conference attendance, books, podcasts subscribe too, etc. that were beneficial to you in your work.

To apply: Send the above to apply@westwoodunitedmethodist.org


Resource Refocus Event May 9th

The Resource Refocus Event is an opportunity for the whole church to look at how we use our time, talent and treasure with an experienced trainer that will help us focus on our future in ministry. It is insightful, informative, interesting and interactive. We’ll start at 7 pm and be done promptly at 9:30 pm on Thursday, May 9th. There will be childcare and refreshments and the church and community really need to you be there. Why? Because the future is exciting, let’s create it together! If you aren’t making time for this event, what are you doing to shape the future? This event is part of Pastor Lee’s and the Church Council’s effort to plan for the future through the Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) sponsored by the West Ohio Conference. 


Part Time Children’s Ministry Team Leader

Part Time Children’s Ministry Team Leader

Title: Children’s Ministry Team Leader, immediate opening

Reports to: Outreach Team Leader

Required Credentials: Team building success, Christian witness, proficiency with children and parents

Compensation: Part time $25,000/year, hours negotiable for 25 hours

To be considered: Our Application Process

  1. Submit a 2-page paper on your *philosophy of ministry around family/children in the church and community. * a philosophy of ministry takes a child from birth through 6th grade with focus on spiritual, social, and family growth through the church’s unique gifts to the world, including but not limited to reasoning and activities behind and included in the steps.
  2. Submit your Christian faith journey.
  3. Submit at least 3 references around your experience working with families and children.
  4. Submit a resume reflecting this job description.
  5. Submit either DiSC or Myers Briggs results or be willing to take inventory.
  6. Send all the above to lee@westwoodunitedmethodist.org
  7. A team member will acknowledge your complete application


Objective: The Children’s Ministry Team Leader finds focus in Westwood UMC’s 2020 vision to help foster Spiritual Growth through Faith Led Development for children and families, as well as to assist with intentional youth/child and family outreach. This person will oversee the Christian education program and develop a weekday ministry to and with families and children.  The main goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship, grow, and serve at Westwood UMC from a young age.


8 Core Principles to Westwood Ministry Positions

  1. Gospel focused in a Wesleyan theological understanding.
  2. Transformation, not stagnation, of individuals and ministry.
  3. Team approach to ministry through scouting, training, vision casting, and release with support.
  4. Able to work with all staff in a professional manner.
  5. Familiar with use of social media as a staff member of WUMC and growing use of such.
  6. Pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life.
  7. Responsibility for church growth and support of the church vision.
  8. Continued enhancement of skills and knowledge.



  • A commitment and love of Christ and a calling to a complete and healthy children’s ministry within the church and community that ministers to all and is exciting for children, who will want to return.
  • Actively involved in Worship, Grow (small group, spiritual disciplines), and Serve.
  • Positive Role Model, Christian Character, and practicing spiritual disciplines.
  • Development of ministry teams in and for various ministries for nursery – 6th graders.
  • Teachable and growing in personal development with plan agreed to by Senior Pastor.
  • Eagerness to lead and self-motivated in planning, creating, and implementing programs though teams while working with the staff on church-wide efforts
  • Strong oral, written, and media communication skills.
  • Gifts in organization and administration a plus.
  • Live within a reasonable distance to primary ministry area of the church.
  • Requires passing a background and drug check.



  • Work with appropriate church members and leaders to set goals, determine priorities, establish programs, promote, and coordinate calendar.
  • Oversee areas of Children’s Ministry with a focus on discipleship including but not limited to transformational curriculum and programs like mentoring, family support, etc.
  • Provide leadership to the educational ministry of the church, including identifying gifts of leaders and promoting their involvement.
  • Empower parents and grandparents to be involved with the faith development of their family.
  • Oversee the development of a budget and order supplies and curriculum.
  • Scout, recruit, support, and provide training for teams, teachers and assistants, nursery for all aspects of ministry.
  • Teach and follow all church policies including Safe Sanctuary to all servants.
  • Supervise age-level education ministries including nursery, preschool, and elementary such as: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Kingdom Club, VBS in a Box, etc.
  • Help plan and recruit volunteers for special programs such as Jesus’ Birthday Party, Breakfast in Bethlehem, Egg-stravaganza, and Trunk or Treat.
  • Work with Community Outreach Team for large children’s outreach events such as Day Camp, I Love Westwood, Upward, Club 56, and our partnership with Westwood Elementary.
  • Other duties as needed.

Position details: Part time, salaried, to start ASAP

Salary: $25,000 with reimbursable account of $2500 in children’s budget

Accountability: Children’s Ministry Team Leader is accountable to Westwood UMC’s SPRC committee and would report to Outreach Team Leader.