Happy Birthday Jesus…Christmas Eve Offering 2019

This year our Christmas Eve offering, what we call our “Happy Birthday Jesus” gift, will go to purchasing Mobility Carts. The mobility carts are a fabulous ministry from Mobility Worldwide providing hand powered carts for those around the world with mobility issues. One of the most powerful things about these carts is that it gets people off the ground and elevates their dignity. 

Please consider joining us in purchasing these carts. Any donation is a great donation, but did you know that one cart cost $300. Can you purchase a cart? Go in with you Sunday school group, small group, ministry group or family to purchase a cart? Pastor Lee thinks we can raise enough to purchase 5 carts. Pastor Beth Anne thinks we can raise enough to purchase 10 carts. But then the question was put to us by the kids of the church…”why are you thinking so few?” How big can we dream?

How many people can we be the literal hands and feet of Jesus to this year?!

Watch the video for more information.

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Walk to Emmaus Testimony…Part 1

The Walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that includes a three-day short course in Christianity. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed through other believers. It is held over a Thursday night through Sunday night with men and women attending their own unique weekends. The most recent Women’s Walk to Emmaus was held November 8-11 and two of our church family members were able to attend—Megan Ohlinger and Danyel Downey. Megan expressed her experience like this:

The Emmaus Walk was so amazing! I have never felt this much love in my entire life. I truly was able to feel God’s love for me and through that he showed me how much I was loved by others. I never truly believed anyone could love me besides God and my children; since anyone who said they loved me always left and was never truly there. All the letters filled my eyes with tears of joy that people really do care and that I finally see that I have a family in Christ. My eyes, as well as my heart, was opened to this and the true understanding of God’s grace. I’m so excited to see where Jesus is going to lead and use me next. God, my true Father, has blessed me with the best sobriety anniversary that a daughter could ever ask for! I am blessed beyond measure and finally feel like a daughter of the King. If God can do this for me– imagine what he can do for you! Jesus really loves you no matter what you have done or where you are in life. He is waiting for you whenever you’re ready! That’s the power of Grace!

The next Walk to Emmaus weekends will be:

 February 21-24 (Men’s) and April 25-28 (Women’s). There are many people in our church family who have attended. For more information, contact any of them or Pastor Lee or Beth Strawhun  at lee@westwoodunitedmethodist.org or prov3456@hotmail.com. Stay tuned for Danyel’s testimony soon……..


Overnight Summer Camp

SUMMER CAMP  is booming as a great outdoor, kid-friendly, faith-building experience! The West Ohio Conference Camping Ministry has a full summer of 8 weeks of adventure and worship. There are camps for families, grandparents/kids and of course week long, half week, or single day camps for youth and children. Check out all the opportunities this summer at westohiocamps.org or email camps@wocumc.org for information. Camperships available.